A Close Look At Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery

Many people have had their nose operated on at one time or another. It is not uncommon for a person not to like the way their nose looks after an operation, or their nose may not function correctly. In order to correct the shape or the function of the nose after an operation has been performed, the person may choose to have revision rhinoplasty surgery.

Advantages of having a nose lift

If a woman is not content with the way her nose looks after the operation, it will be difficult for her to look in the mirror or feel comfortable in public. Even though she may feel uncomfortable or even scared to go through the revision rhinoplasty surgery a second time and may even wonder if her nose will look any better, it is usually worth the effort to do it again. Once it is fixed the way she wants it, she can forget about it and go on with life.

Sometimes a person’s nose does not work correctly after surgery. This is especially true at night. They may feel like they can’t breathe or that their mouth and throat is uncomfortably dry from breathing through the mouth. Once the problem is fixed, the person can live a normal life. It can also eliminate sleep apnea, snoring and other breathing problems.

Revision rhinoplasty surgery is a quick solution to nose problems. It normally takes less than two hours to perform and the recovery time just takes a few days. Overall it is safe, and a wide variety of patients can have it done. If necessary, skin can be taken from other areas of the body and applied to the nose.

Disadvantages of having a nose lift

Cost is one of the main disadvantages of a nose lift. Not everyone is able to afford it. Under normal circumstances, insurance does not cover the expense. Since the work done on each patient is different, the cost for each patient will also be different. Some doctors offer internal financing through their office.

Another problem patients must face with revision rhinoplasty surgery is that there will be an incision and incision’s often leave scars. Most surgeons make the incision at the base of the nose where it is usually not detected. Unfortunately in some cases, the scar cannot be concealed and is something the patient has to contend with.

Each patient must accept the fact that there is only so much that can be accomplished with a corrective nose operation. The surgeon can change the shape to some extent by reshaping the cartilage and the bone. How much can be changed depends on the person’s anatomy and especially on the thickness of her skin.

The use of tobacco causes the blood to travel more slowly throughout the body. As a result, oxygen cannot reach the incision as quickly, and the patient’s recovery time from the revision rhinoplasty surgery may be considerably longer, the risk of infection considerably higher and more noticeable scarring may result. For better results, smokers are advised to stop smoking for two weeks before and after the operation.

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